Plastistik is an analytics solution. It aims to be a self-hosted replacement to Google Analytics, Xiti or Piwik while being very privacy aware. It is really easy to setup and use.

Software features:

  • PHP 5.4 code
  • Support for SQLite 3 database (mySQL is also planned)
  • SVG charts and plots
  • Fast, lightweight, easy to use
  • Free, open source, available as AGPL

Analytics features:

  • Anonymous analytics data: doesn't store any private data, ni IP address or complete UA string
  • User-Agent parsing
  • Geolocation (optional, using third-party API)
  • Tracks page loading time (optional)
  • Tracks visitors between pages using a unique anonymous identifier

Reports features:

  • Live log of currently visited pages
  • Plot of the number of page views
  • Pie and plot charts of browsers, device use (mobile/tablet/desktop/console), browsers engines, browsers versions, operating systems, screen sizes, use of javascript and cookies, and more.
  • Map view of the most visited countries
  • Ability to create custom reports with SQL queries, displayed as pie and plot charts or data tables