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17:07 New ticket [3366fba160] comptabilité- compta analytique (projet). artifact: 9bf742698c user: BETY
17:02 Closed ticket [2ea45f5d6f]: cheque a encaisser groupé (remise de cheque) plus 6 other changes artifact: 6e3c471985 user: bohwaz ... 1 similar event omitted.
19:06 Changes to wiki page "Installation" artifact: 782e8d05c4 user: spipfactory
18:40 Changes to wiki page "Ligne de commande" artifact: a5a6b37446 user: bohwaz
18:40 Changes to wiki page "Ligne de commande" artifact: 8a4435a49f user: bohwaz
18:39 Changes to wiki page "Fonctionnalités" artifact: 5dee40c820 user: bohwaz
15:55 Changes to wiki page "Fonctionnalités" artifact: ee60618b53 user: bohwaz
15:53 Add attachment compta_graphs.png to wiki page Fonctionnalités artifact: 0be95e4068 user: bohwaz
15:53 Add attachment compta_saisie.png to wiki page Fonctionnalités artifact: 157125cd17 user: bohwaz
Fix import check-in: 4fe6d3b708 user: bohwaz tags: dev, 1.0.0-rc2
Don't hide form when there's an error check-in: e2f5f7cea6 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Fix selector for radio-button current state check-in: 7126f88b4a user: bohwaz tags: dev
13:50 Changes to wiki page "Fonctionnalités" artifact: a080408ab9 user: bohwaz
13:42 Changes to wiki page "Fonctionnalités" artifact: 55a5393e00 user: bohwaz
13:39 Add attachment membres.png to wiki page Fonctionnalités artifact: bf7ca0061d user: bohwaz
13:39 Delete attachment "Liste des membres.png" from wiki page Fonctionnalités artifact: a0b7851393 user: bohwaz
13:39 Delete attachment "Liste des membres.png" from wiki page Fonctionnalités artifact: 06c1189bc9 user: bohwaz
13:14 Changes to wiki page "Documentation" artifact: 56db7d3161 user: bohwaz
13:13 Changes to wiki page "Installation" artifact: 93b1f35f99 user: bohwaz
13:12 Changes to wiki page "Installation" artifact: 1b8c8833c8 user: bohwaz
13:08 Changes to wiki page "Installation" artifact: 4cd6d445c9 user: bohwaz
13:06 Changes to wiki page "Installation_OVH" artifact: 565a7ff818 user: bohwaz
13:05 Changes to wiki page "Installation/Alwaysdata" artifact: 422c7bb94e user: bohwaz
Make it clear that you need an image library to upload images check-in: 64d72652f5 user: bohwaz tags: dev
13:02 Closed ticket [8aff41aff6]: erreur lors de l'enregistrement de "Image de fond" plus 6 other changes artifact: d9a8bd3772 user: bohwaz
New release check-in: afa60d222c user: bohwaz tags: dev, 1.0.0-rc2
12:42 Edit [d8c7ce86a2]: Add tag "1.0.0-rc2". artifact: 4c1a77fd87 user: bohwaz
Fix edit of advanced transactions check-in: d8c7ce86a2 user: bohwaz tags: dev, 1.0.0-rc2
12:36 Changes to wiki page "Changelog/1.0" artifact: 646ad218b6 user: bohwaz
Delete unused code check-in: 09d5e5feb7 user: bohwaz tags: dev
08:23 New ticket [0d6efb32c7] Suggestion pour saisie avancée dans la compta. artifact: f0a49c2ae9 user: ddgalo
Clean up debug check-in: d37e68735c user: bohwaz tags: dev
Fix calls to non-existing method check-in: 3f22ad4a10 user: bohwaz tags: dev, 1.0.0-rc1
21:32 New ticket [bf54c2f993] Ajouter une icône au QRCode de TOTP. artifact: 5ee206a1a6 user: bohwaz
21:30 Ticket [3d1e4d1e18] Personnalisation du favicon status still Open with 5 other changes artifact: 37927226b9 user: bohwaz ... 1 similar event omitted.
21:29 Ticket [5c026cba6c] Possibilité de créer des modèles de documents dynamiques status still Open with 6 other changes artifact: c4a68893d4 user: bohwaz ... 1 similar event omitted.
Fix issue with empty amount check-in: d2fcf382d7 user: bohwaz tags: dev, 1.0.0-rc1
Fix change saved search check-in: 52cd841c7f user: bohwaz tags: dev, 1.0.0-rc1
19:01 Edit [475f66a35e]: Add tag "1.0.0-rc1". artifact: 339548b5e3 user: bohwaz
Use simple form for simple transactions check-in: 475f66a35e user: bohwaz tags: dev, 1.0.0-rc1
Focus on select in year selector check-in: 8f44f4de63 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Allow to autofocus on custom element check-in: 25864a6351 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Remove console.log check-in: ca861c3f0c user: bohwaz tags: dev
Keep transaction type when migrating check-in: 904fef3ed6 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Improve reconcile: fix reconcile sum, improve form UI for small screens check-in: c9518cd0c7 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Fix reset of analytical in import check-in: 47fcf7c0d9 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Use a shorter label check-in: cd7c68df7b user: bohwaz tags: dev
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