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Improve UX by using better wording check-in: 2c6709db6e user: bohwaz tags: dev
New version check method check-in: 36bb5b01f0 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Check for new versions check-in: b035194fa0 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Only show graphs if there's more than five transactions check-in: d4966c48f4 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Allow table rows to be focused check-in: d4d07b2936 user: bohwaz tags: dev
UX improvements in fees forms check-in: 1c1a6953fd user: bohwaz tags: dev
Improve account selector: use keyboard up/down to select an account, only load typed accounts if checkbox is checked check-in: 83b76b9b29 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Order fees by cost, then label check-in: 77c3e9fa9b user: bohwaz tags: dev
Install welcome plugin if it exists check-in: 46bc707429 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Send plugin root as one of parameters passed to events check-in: f5d8c70106 user: bohwaz tags: dev
00:20 Changes to wiki page "Contribuer" artifact: a8920b3e4a user: bohwaz
Fix plugin install check-in: 530ac81be6 user: bohwaz tags: dev
17:35 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: f66d801ddf user: spipfactory
17:31 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: b7c2b31a84 user: spipfactory
16:29 Changes to wiki page "Installation" artifact: 5d6d2cf093 user: spipfactory
16:26 Changes to wiki page "Installation" artifact: 86a1e5b0bd user: spipfactory
Fix arguments order in date filters check-in: f5fe8e1fa6 user: bohwaz tags: dev, 1.0.0-rc4
Order fees by amount check-in: b63a216b8b user: bohwaz tags: dev, 1.0.0-rc4
Only disable autocomplete on some inputs check-in: e47a822781 user: bohwaz tags: dev, 1.0.0-rc4
New release check-in: 7751af5e6f user: bohwaz tags: dev, 1.0.0-rc4
Allow strings in openDialog check-in: e7d6cc08d8 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Fix home banner return check-in: ba4414f6b2 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Include global.js all the time, no need to ask for it check-in: 85270b560e user: bohwaz tags: dev
00:12 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_configuration" artifact: 75e9ab23d3 user: bohwaz
Use SUM as we are grouping check-in: 620e523fe4 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Use autocomplete="new-password" for password change check-in: ab3d150448 user: bohwaz tags: dev
22:49 Ticket [f113eca0c5] comptabilité- résultat bilan en pdf status still Open with 6 other changes artifact: 33ef6af560 user: bohwaz
21:05 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: bef8089616 user: spipfactory
20:42 Add attachment creer.png to wiki page Documentation_site web artifact: 9a17740084 user: spipfactory
20:42 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: 3d542b97c9 user: spipfactory
20:17 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: 65587bfd8d user: spipfactory
20:16 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: 8e42d2d751 user: spipfactory
20:14 Add attachment menuh.png to wiki page Documentation_site web artifact: 2ec4401e53 user: spipfactory
20:14 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: 36f7f27028 user: spipfactory
16:06 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: 223a594d5e user: spipfactory
16:01 Add attachment rubrique-menu.png to wiki page Documentation_site web artifact: 574c111a5c user: spipfactory
15:57 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: ae1d00a4e3 user: spipfactory
15:55 Add attachment page A.png to wiki page Documentation_site web artifact: e869f7c2b7 user: spipfactory
15:55 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: f5089e2c34 user: spipfactory
14:05 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: ef95ce60be user: spipfactory
14:01 Add attachment sommaire.png to wiki page Documentation_site web artifact: bf648663c1 user: spipfactory
14:00 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: b5c04fafc3 user: spipfactory
13:51 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: 5cf100796f user: spipfactory
13:19 Delete attachment "Capture d’écran du 2020-11-30 23-13-45.png" from wiki page Documentation_site web artifact: ce004b28c5 user: spipfactory
13:17 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: ada39bc7ae user: spipfactory
13:13 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: ad9f4c28fc user: spipfactory
13:11 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: 405b96df41 user: spipfactory
13:07 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: d82bd5215d user: spipfactory
12:56 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: 98b06f224e user: spipfactory
12:09 Changes to wiki page "Documentation_site web" artifact: 162e67008e user: spipfactory
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