KD2 Framework  about

KD2FW (KD2 is not FrameWork) is a collection of tools and libraries developed for the KD2.org projects over the years.


  • Lightweight
  • Small
  • Fast
  • Code is simple and straightforward to read
  • Simple API
  • Easy to extend and adapt to own needs
  • No extra dependency, you don't have to install any other library to use it
  • Each component can be used outside the framework, there is no internal dependency
  • PHP 7.4, compatible up to 8.2 (currently)
  • Components comes with full documentation, examples and tests

This framework is used for some websites serving millions of web pages each day.

WARNING: there is currently no release cycle of kd2fw, all components are considered stable, and no backward-incompatible changes should be made (usually).

Version 7.4

  • Active development branch

Version 7.3



  • [DB]: abstraction layer to PDO with useful helper methods
  • DB/SQLite3: abstraction layer to SQLite3, same API as [DB]
  • DB/AbstractEntity: basic data entity, mapped to SQL tables
  • DB/EntityManager: retrieve, load, and save entities


  • Image: a simple and fast image library providing resize, image informations and image thumbnail through EPEG (JPEG only), ExactImage, GD, ImageMagick or ImLib (will use the fastest available option).
  • Blob: to get image size (supports PNG, JPEG and GIF) and EXIF orientation from image blobs, doesn't require any library
  • EXIF: deals with EXIF data from JPEG files
  • SVG/Bar: bar chart in SVG
  • SVG/Pie: renders a pie chart in SVG
  • SVG/Plot: renders a plot chart in SVG
  • QRCode: generates QR codes


  • Smartyer: fast and lightweight template engine, mostly compatible with Smarty / Template_Lite.
  • Brindille: lightweight templating engine, similar to Twig/Smarty, but safe
  • Mustachier: lightweight template engine based on Mustache (deprecated)


  • Mail_Message: parser/writer of email MIME messages (with support for MIME encoded messages and attachments)
  • Mail/Mailbox: lightweight IMAP client library using curl
  • Mail/Discovery: discover SMTP/IMAP/POP3 servers from an email address, implementing Thunderbird auto-discovery
  • SMTP: send emails using SMTP (supports SMTH AUTH and TLS).


  • Form: to validate and filter form fields, including CSRF protection
  • HTMLDocument: DOMDocument/DOMNode wrapper that adds support for querySelector/querySelectorAll methods (easy to use CSS selectors, internally transformed to XPath queries, so it is quite fast)
  • HTML/CSSParser: a lightweight CSS parser and DOM matching engine
  • HTML/TableToCSV: transform a HTML table into an CSV file
  • HTML/TableToODS: transform HTML tables into an LibreOffice Calc ODS document
  • HTML/TableToXLSX: transform HTML tables into an Excel XLSX document
  • SkrivLite: implementation of the Skriv Markup Language (inspired by Creole and Markdown).

  • WebDAV/Server: lightweight WebDAV server

  • WebDAV/WOPI: minimalist WOPI server

  • WebDAV/NextCloud: NextCloud compatibility layer over WebDAV, so that NextCloud and ownCloud clients may work with a WebDAV server

  • HTTP: make HTTP requests using curl or PHP file sockets

  • FeedParser: parses RSS and ATOM feeds, any version, even if they are invalid XML


  • Office/Calc/Writer: create ODS (LibreOffice spreadsheets) from raw PHP data
  • Office/ToText: convert any OpenDocument file to text

### Misc

  • Delta: to compute and apply deltas between two revisions of the same file (PHP port of Fossil delta algorithm). Allows to store only differences between two edits of a text, may be useful for example in CVS or a Wiki.
  • ErrorManager: error and exception handler with dev/prod mode, email reporting and more, like a lightweight version of Nette Tracy
  • FossilInstaller: install and upgrade software, using PGP signing, and Fossil-SCM unversioned files API
  • JSONSchema: validate JSON documents according to a JSON schema
  • Karto: mapping/GPS tools
  • UserSession: a basic PHP session manager that can be set to be non-blocking.
  • Security: common security functions, including anti CSRF tokens
  • Security_OTP: secure one time password generator/verifier, compatible with TOTP/HOTP and Google Authenticator
  • SimpleDiff: to compute a text diff between two versions of a string (+patch utility)
  • Test: unit testing library
  • Translate: platform independent gettext replacement, parses Gettext MO and PO files, optional memory cache
  • ZipReader
  • ZipWriter

Legacy components (5.6 branch, unmaintained)

Source file Documentation
BubbleBabble.php (Documentation) Encodes and decodes using the Bubble Babble binary data encoding. Much like base64 but makes actually pronounceable pseudo-words.
CacheCookie.php Stores session data in a cookie (using MsgPack if available or JSON as a fallback), without using session files. For MsgPack you can use this pure PHP implementation but the PECL module "msgpack" is much faster.
MemCache.php memory cache wrapper (APCu, XCache, Opcache, etc.)
MiniSkel.php template-based programming language compatible with the SPIP CMS
Singleton.php used to make singleton classes
XML_RPC_Server.php a XML/RPC server using PHP XML/RPC extension

Javascript components

  • Text editor: extends textareas with tools to select, insert or replace content, with support for keyboard shortcuts.
  • Code editor: built on Text editor, it provides an easy to use browser code editor including: common keyboard shortcuts, search, search and replace, go to line, fullscreen editing, indentation, brackets/parenthesis matching, line counter, and more.
  • Karto (alpha): Mapping/GPS tools (Mercator projection)
  • XHR.js: micro XmlHttpRequest library (less than 500 bytes minified)