KD2 Framework  Check-in [12afade4af]

Comment:Rename lib directory to KD2 (uppercase)
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SHA1: 12afade4af23ede979cb7b4436d8f37d04dedff9
User & Date: bohwaz on 2017-08-30 03:10:57
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This was intended for the 5.6 branch, reverting Closed-Leaf check-in: 92098e637f user: bohwaz tags: 5.4
Rename lib directory to KD2 (uppercase) check-in: 12afade4af user: bohwaz tags: 5.4
Create new branch named "5.4" check-in: 9193981250 user: bohwaz tags: 5.4

Name change from src/lib/kd2/BubbleBabble.php to src/lib/KD2/BubbleBabble.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/CacheCookie.php to src/lib/KD2/CacheCookie.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/Countries_EN.php to src/lib/KD2/Countries_EN.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/Countries_FR.php to src/lib/KD2/Countries_FR.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/DB.php to src/lib/KD2/DB.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/Delta.php to src/lib/KD2/Delta.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/ErrorManager.php to src/lib/KD2/ErrorManager.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/FeedParser.php to src/lib/KD2/FeedParser.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/FileInfo.php to src/lib/KD2/FileInfo.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/Garbage2xhtml.php to src/lib/KD2/Garbage2xhtml.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/HTTP.php to src/lib/KD2/HTTP.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/Image.php to src/lib/KD2/Image.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/Image2.php to src/lib/KD2/Image2.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/Karto.php to src/lib/KD2/Karto.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/Karto_Point.php to src/lib/KD2/Karto_Point.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/Karto_Point_Set.php to src/lib/KD2/Karto_Point_Set.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/Mail_Message.php to src/lib/KD2/Mail_Message.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/MemCache.php to src/lib/KD2/MemCache.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/MemCache_APCu.php to src/lib/KD2/MemCache_APCu.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/MemCache_XCache.php to src/lib/KD2/MemCache_XCache.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/MiniSkel.php to src/lib/KD2/MiniSkel.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/Passphrase_FR.php to src/lib/KD2/Passphrase_FR.php.

cannot compute difference between binary files

Name change from src/lib/kd2/SMTP.php to src/lib/KD2/SMTP.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/SVGPie.php to src/lib/KD2/SVGPie.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/SVGPlot.php to src/lib/KD2/SVGPlot.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/Session.php to src/lib/KD2/Session.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/SimpleDiff.php to src/lib/KD2/SimpleDiff.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/Singleton.php to src/lib/KD2/Singleton.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/SkrivLite.php to src/lib/KD2/SkrivLite.php.

Name change from src/lib/kd2/XML_RPC_Server.php to src/lib/KD2/XML_RPC_Server.php.