50 events by user bohwaz occurring around 2021-04-30 18:58:35.

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Don't allow rename of transactions and users files check-in: ae48cda34d user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
18:01 Edit [36d8a33144]: Cancel tag "stable". artifact: f20a9606c5 user: bohwaz
15:07 Changes to wiki page Documentation artifact: 3843d22cc3 user: bohwaz
15:04 Changes to wiki page Stockage_Git artifact: 2be83e8208 user: bohwaz
12:42 Changes to wiki page Changelog artifact: 4abb98933a user: bohwaz
Don't allow rename of transactions and users files check-in: 36d8a33144 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Add markdown support, start of implementing web blocks check-in: 9773a33ba4 user: bohwaz tags: dev
01:03 Changes to wiki page Dev/Web artifact: 75551c0bf7 user: bohwaz
00:58 Changes to wiki page Dev/Web artifact: 61e8538784 user: bohwaz
00:12 Changes to wiki page Dev/Web artifact: a1a0d27701 user: bohwaz
00:09 Add attachment doc_web_columns.svg to wiki page Dev/Web artifact: a78f082cd0 user: bohwaz
00:09 Changes to wiki page Dev/Web artifact: 3a4455d335 user: bohwaz
23:59 Add attachment doc_web_markdown.svg to wiki page Dev/Web artifact: 59f1d106d5 user: bohwaz
23:58 Changes to wiki page Dev/Web artifact: 6b8c3c4233 user: bohwaz
23:10 Changes to wiki page Dev/Web artifact: 43d3263102 user: bohwaz
Add upgrade of plugins to plugin page check-in: 7c494dd45f user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
18:17 Changes to wiki page Changelog artifact: 0740ae3e25 user: bohwaz
18:17 Changes to wiki page Changelog artifact: 443c55fdfa user: bohwaz
17:28 Changes to wiki page Multi-sites artifact: 885e5c8103 user: bohwaz
Fix decryption in edit check-in: e8e4c281dd user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
23:27 Changes to wiki page Roadmap artifact: 4dd0935225 user: bohwaz
Rename tables and columns to english check-in: 3ba8ecbcc0 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Schema for 1.2.0 release check-in: 50afc211c6 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Merge trunk changes into dev check-in: 58d38d4478 user: bohwaz tags: dev
Update .htaccess to make sure that ErrorDocument is not used, should be OK now that Apache 2.4.15+ is more common check-in: 37de0d1d23 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
Fix wrong year was exported check-in: fd71816895 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
18:18 Changes to wiki page Changelog/1.1 artifact: ce32f285de user: bohwaz
13:09 Changes to wiki page Squelettes artifact: c1aa267191 user: bohwaz
13:05 Changes to wiki page Squelettes artifact: 3813e4abdb user: bohwaz
13:04 Changes to wiki page Squelettes artifact: 6a1b95f236 user: bohwaz
22:36 Changes to wiki page Changelog artifact: 6ccc11af59 user: bohwaz
Update export link check-in: fa5af22690 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
Add alternative export option for years check-in: 71f62e466e user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
Fix division by zero check-in: 820510025d user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable, 1.1.4
18:01 Changes to wiki page Changelog artifact: b496dc3086 user: bohwaz
Implement custom admin CSS file, change config files logic so that if config key is null, then file is not loaded check-in: 4f47920080 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable, 1.1.4
17:46 Changes to wiki page Changelog artifact: 537393b7c6 user: bohwaz
17:36 Fixed ticket [ef64ae48b6]: Possibilité d'accéder directement à la base de données à distance plus 5 other changes artifact: 33b1472252 user: bohwaz
17:35 Fixed ticket [3d1e4d1e18]: Personnalisation du favicon plus 6 other changes artifact: c94d7dc061 user: bohwaz
17:34 Fixed ticket [b167dc00fe]: Surcharge CSS pour personnalisation de l'interface plus 7 other changes artifact: b926d139b7 user: bohwaz
16:39 Fixed ticket [c24a506aae]: Gestion de stock plus 7 other changes artifact: 6ef0d833f2 user: bohwaz
16:38 Changes to wiki page Changelog artifact: 5676af0434 user: bohwaz
16:37 Fixed ticket [4d77702f69]: Ajouter possibilité de supprimer le mot de passe d'un membre plus 7 other changes artifact: 0b4fc33f1d user: bohwaz
Implement password removal for users check-in: 2caa4b02cc user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
16:28 Changes to wiki page Changelog artifact: 24230b09b7 user: bohwaz
Improve keyboard navigation in account selector, add support for home and end keys check-in: 52407c8170 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
15:43 Changes to wiki page Changelog artifact: 1cccbe2dfe user: bohwaz
Add transaction details to error message for importing data check-in: 6ba50a74ca user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
Don't allow select of calendar picker check-in: 94dcdefba5 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
01:26 Changes to wiki page Changelog artifact: e4f7c218f3 user: bohwaz
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