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20:01 Changes to wiki page "Supports de communication" artifact: 8f451a08f5 user: isabelle
20:00 Changes to a wiki page → Obsolete EVENT table information. Run "fossil rebuild" on the repository. artifact: d275ea9aa0 user: isabelle
19:59 Added wiki page "Supports de communication" artifact: a0c81a9569 user: isabelle
Add redirect check-in: 5a8a7a38e2 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
Add "save and add new payment" button to new subscription and new payment forms check-in: e6868e540c user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
13:51 New ticket [f59b0d76f8] Pouvoir limiter une activité à une inscription par membre. artifact: 78b08d28ab user: bohwaz
Add button to add new payment to service, suggested by @Pierrick check-in: 0f87885e72 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
Add robots.txt and sitemap.xml check-in: 95539771ae user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
Do not lowercase dates, instead use lowercase french date names check-in: dc5b5d0445 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
Fix categories transformed to pages due to difference in datetime between stored file and cache in web_pages table check-in: 02c498cbc2 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
Change default order in web pages: order by title first, by date if asked to check-in: ec929c2369 user: bohwaz tags: trunk
ID should not be a mandatory column in transactions import check-in: 2e44397821 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
00:39 Changes to wiki page "Documentation/Brindille" artifact: 0a63c030af user: bohwaz
02:32 Changes to wiki page "Plugins" artifact: 8c0598bc7a user: bohwaz
02:31 Changes to wiki page "Changelog" artifact: 889e85311e user: bohwaz
Fix signals check-in: 4330969793 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable, 1.1.11
Bump version check-in: 157b2d90c8 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable, 1.1.11
Implement HTTP signals check-in: 13a5a7ff94 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
01:05 Changes to wiki page "Plugins" artifact: 2f51325171 user: bohwaz
01:05 Changes to wiki page "Changelog" artifact: 921b597407 user: bohwaz
Improve error message when editing your own profile check-in: 3b716fde41 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
00:47 Closed ticket [18e9bf3b6d]: Compta: Gestion des chèques à encaisser à cheval sur 2 exercices plus 6 other changes artifact: 7661b27914 user: bohwaz
00:46 Fixed ticket [dc5a7dd220]: Vérification/mise à jour auto des plugins depuis la page config/plugins plus 7 other changes artifact: b8d8324fb6 user: bohwaz
00:46 Closed ticket [ca447d2e18]: Membres/Champs : Deux mêmes conditions dans getValidationRules() plus 7 other changes artifact: 8ca43e099f user: bohwaz
00:45 Fixed ticket [267c7e7186]: Dans la recherche SQL de membre, ne pas permettre d'effectuer une action destructrice/modification plus 7 other changes artifact: 4667a6b6d5 user: bohwaz
00:42 Ticket [52810b0464] Pouvoir lier les fiches de membres entre elle (fonction "famille") status still Open with 4 other changes artifact: 090dc6a790 user: bohwaz
00:39 Closed ticket [41ef5f7aad]: Pièces jointes aux mails plus 4 other changes artifact: 68388846c4 user: bohwaz
00:36 Fixed ticket [8a9125e0a7]: Compta analytique : grand livre analytique plus 4 other changes artifact: d32df5efa2 user: bohwaz
Implement [8a9125e0a77426c27131c8131d100b26b3340def]: Analytical ledger check-in: 02589eaf11 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
16:54 Ticket [41ef5f7aad] Pièces jointes aux mails status still Open with 6 other changes artifact: 8347f2dc87 user: Badminton-House ... 1 similar event omitted.
12:55 Changes to wiki page "Formule_calcul_activité" artifact: 98d4043de8 user: bohwaz
20:00 Fixed ticket [f2fda7afb4]: Sauvegarder / Téléchargement des fichiers : Une erreur s'est produite plus 5 other changes artifact: cb41364ec9 user: bohwaz
19:47 Changes to wiki page "Extensions" artifact: 90d97e5c4f user: bohwaz
14:56 New ticket [f2fda7afb4] Sauvegarder / Téléchargement des fichiers : Une erreur s'est produite. artifact: d41eede7e2 user: web.faed
11:53 Changes to wiki page "Squelettes" artifact: c259a5026f user: bohwaz
Change render __construct API: don't require all arguments check-in: b1585f051e user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
18:04 Changes to wiki page "Changelog" artifact: afa3ae3489 user: bohwaz
18:00 Ticket [acd8bbb4f2] Ajout fonctionnalité Budget prévisionnel status still Open with 5 other changes artifact: 2d416611b5 user: bohwaz
17:59 Fixed ticket [62ee3968bc]: Utilisateur introuvable quand on veut exporter sa fiche à partir de la page Inscriptions aux activités et cotisations plus 5 other changes artifact: 0584e2a606 user: bohwaz
Fix links to export of services for a user, fixes [62ee3968bcd21896ec81dcf0cf8a4552b6d9c3f8] check-in: 5d14370670 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
Fix call in homepage check-in: 47fe686522 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
Fix user_prefix argument in markdown passed to skriv check-in: 01df610025 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
Fix image tag in file preview, as reported by @Eric. Also fix URL prefix for links in specific contexts in admin. check-in: 9e33c7cafd user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
16:57 Fixed ticket [63cd9cc9b9]: Liste incomplète des documents plus 5 other changes artifact: e36a9dbefe user: bohwaz
Add pagination to virtual documents view, fix [63cd9cc9b96d2eb3340827098de6be5c5dae7e48] check-in: 3d283a05a5 user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
16:33 Fixed ticket [fca158bb49]: Lien vers le paramétrage des sauvegardes automatique est icorrect plus 5 other changes artifact: 9c7c53d8b5 user: bohwaz
16:32 Ticket [c2d24575a8] Une recherche avancée échoue lorsqu'un champ est multiligne status still Fixed with 3 other changes artifact: 369dd3c79f user: bohwaz ... 1 similar event omitted.
Fix [c2d24575a84954ef0718e35e64f1e9ff67be4c5c] search in multiline fields failed check-in: 495331c9bf user: bohwaz tags: trunk, stable
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