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strtotime() error exception during install
User & Date: bohwaz on 2013-11-13 12:57:37

  1. icomment:
    On Debian, setting date.timezone is not mandatory, as it is read from /etc/localtime.
    But the patch was buggy in PHP 5.4.4 and it was corrected in PHP 5.4.6. See [http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=673763#10]
    PHP made a big mistake with this warning, the timezone should be read from system time, and not set in php.ini. I'll try to find a way around this strange behaviour in the next release, as it is probably better if the TZ can be defined in the configuration of Garradin, if it differs from the system TZ.
    Meanwhile you can get around this by creating a 'config.local.php' file at the root of Garradin with this code:
    ini_set('date.timezone', 'Australia/Melbourne');
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