The "/tarball" page:

URL: /tarball

Generate a compressed tarball for the check-in specified by the "r"
query parameter.  Return that compressed tarball as the HTTP reply

Query parameters:

  name=NAME[.tar.gz]  The base name of the output file.  The default
                      value is a configuration parameter in the project
                      settings.  A prefix of the name, omitting the
                      extension, is used as the top-most directory name.

  r=TAG               The check-in that is turned into a compressed tarball.
                      Defaults to "trunk".  This query parameter used to
                      be called "uuid" and "uuid" is still accepted for
                      backwards compatibility.  If omitted, the default
                      check-in name is "trunk".

  in=PATTERN          Only include files that match the comma-separate
                      list of GLOB patterns in PATTERN, as with ex=

  ex=PATTERN          Omit any file that match PATTERN.  PATTERN is a
                      comma-separated list of GLOB patterns, where each
                      pattern can optionally be quoted using ".." or '..'.
                      Any file matching both ex= and in= is excluded.